Hi guys!

Even though I try to do a good job with social media, I still receive a lot of random questions from parents and young kids about training schools, summer camps, training systems, etc. I always respond to each and every one of you, but I find it way easier to speak to you from here. This way I can hopefully reach out more people at once and not repeat myself that often. 

Today I want to talk to you about the G2 Academy I have the pleasure to represent. Before I start, I want to be very clear on one thing. I am always speaking my truth and will never guide you to something I don't believe in. Today I want to speak to you about some of the training systems I am learning from watching videos of the summer camp at G2 that I found extremely instructional for those asking or interested in making sure your daughter is set up for the summer or through out the year. 

At the academy your daughter not only will she learn the core meaning of preparing for competition but she will also learn how to be self-dependent and self-reliable. Those are two of my best values as a woman and as an athlete that I learned at an early age because I went to boarding school at age 13. 

But even though empowering young girls since an early age is a very important subject, it is not the one I want to talk to you about today. Today I want to be super specific. I want to talk to you guys about MACH 3 SPEED TRAINING SYSTEM. Mach 3 was invented by a fitness guru and TPI certified, Michael Romatowski. He is being known for getting incredible result with speed production with his golfers. It definitely peeked the G2 Academy staff’s attention for their young students because Michael claims to be helping players gain 11 miles per hour in swing speed. Teaching young female golfer the very concept of swing speed since an early age will have tremendous impact in their golf career. I never had that opportunity and I have to admit, the second I learned about this and saw the young girls working on it with Matt Fields, I urged myself to write about it for your. 


Mach 3 consists in making the player not only stronger and more functional, but also more aware. The way the program works is that before sending your certain fitness exercises to make your speed worthy strong, they share with you their speed concept. 

Michael, believes that all players, if not injured, have a speed reservoir of 2-8miles per hour. That is what it comes from stock in your body, most of us are not aware of it and dont know how to make use of it. The concept they want you to focus is to not think about the swing or any swing thoughts. Let’s just say they don't want you multi-tasking. Because the second you focus your attention to another goal or train of thought other than club head speed you will not make as good as a progress. So these girls are learning to never mix their goals and to make sure they learn how to 

Michael said at his interview with the GOLF GURU SHOW, Jason Sutton,  that the biggest eye opener for his players is that ‘[their] speed is not going to come in the transition or down at the ball, is not going to come on the back side of your swing. It's going to come from the intention of being super fast out in front of the ball. And when you do that you use your body in a completely different way. We don't have to tell you how to do it.´ The golfer becomes more efficient because of their intention, they naturally are capable to produce extra speed. They taught themselves something with very minimal instruction from the team. 


After assessing they are injury free and the athlete has been able to warm up compeltely, they make them hit 5 balls and record the average and highest swing speed. After taking notes of the data, they introduce the athlete to their Jetstick and their concept of speed out in front. Michael explains that the secret of the concept is to speed out in front of you. Once you focus on that, you will be able to learn how to do it without guidance. You will learn how to sense the motion as a whole and not intellectualize the parts or the mechanics. This is great to be taught to young kids so that they can mix their natural ability to learn from feel and not from swing thoughts or swing movements. And this is why I was very excited to share this with you guys.

I think it is great for them to be introduced to a system and a concept like this one and for them to be able to take it back home to practice on it and see their improvements. The biggest goal for these kids is the human capital, to empower them to learn how to train and how to use their limited time to train efficiently.

After introducing them to the concept and the body awareness, they will create a fitness program for her to build up accordingly. During my recovery process I am also suggested to do some power exercises that allow me to regain my swing speed and power back. These are some of them that I was able to do yesterday at the gym:

This is one of the many training systems they encourage young players to practice. If you are interested to see more about the academy click here. In this blog post I share with you a very interested discount of $250 for their summer camp programs.