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June is Women’s Golf Month and today I felt inspired to write about the importance of women’s golf. When I think about women’s golf two sides come inevitably to my mind; the competitive women’s golf side and the entrepreneur/philanthropic side.  

Competitive women’s golf

Golf is probably one of the only sports that men and women can play against each other and still make it competitive and enjoyable to watch. Whereas in other sports like tennis, soccer and basketball, the strength factor plays a huge role making it unfairly comparable. 

In golf, you have different tee boxes to atone for the difference in strength between men and women and 14 clubs to create some room for comparison. Also, golf is a sport that strength doesn’t all of the time give you control. So at the same time the guys are capable of creating more swing speed; they also have a bigger array of misses left and right because of such power. 


So I embrace women’s golf because it empowers us to demonstrate that we can compete against men. It is a sport that enables a good battle of sexes and it also allows you to play by yourself, and with family and friends regardless of each level. 

In my biased way of thinking about competitive women golf, I am a huge advocate about girls golf also because of the tremendous opportunity golf gave me and my fellow playing competitors on the LPGA. But no only a the professional level but also at a collegiate level. Golf, like many other sports, can we used as a powerful platform for women to become independent breadwinners. It gives them the possibility to seek a healthy career in the world of golf, committing at the highest level and learning the values that a life as a professional athletes needs. 

Same opportunities are for those that seek a collegiate golf experience, where through golf, women can achieve their dreams of becoming a student athlete at the same time they finish their academic degree. I am here today as a representative or both worlds. Golf game me the opportunity to seek a scholarship in USC and be able to graduate and make it on the LPGA tour. And that is why I take my job of becoming an ambassador of the G2 Academy, the only ALL GIRLS academy in the US, very seriously. 

I became an ambassador early this year and I received the opportunity with humility and gratitude. It is an honor to be selected as an image for the brand and as a mentor for the young girls. Today I raise awareness of my strong believe in women’s golf in the competitive and collegiate levels but I work for G2 every day of the year to encourage parents to provide their daughters the opportunities and the environment needed for their daughters to learn how to love golf. If you missed my introductory blog post click here to read. The academy offered me the opportunity to provide my followers with a $250 discount for their SUMMER SCHOOL golf program, if interested click here to learn more. 

Entrepreneur/philanthropic side of women’s golf.

Today we must also celebrate the other side of the story. Because golf is not only about professional women or men golfers. Even in my situation and with my injury I have learned that Belén is not only an LPGA professional golfer, but a strong, independent, powerful and smart young lady with many different passions and a big heart to help others. I happen to choose golf to be my hobby and my job, but my golf is not only celebrate and enjoyed at a professional elite level, but also at a social level. I enjoy golf when I take my mom on a Sunday afternoon to play 9 holes at our golf club, I celebrate introducing ty girlfriends to the game of golf and being able to share memorable moments with them at the golf course, and it brings me so much joy to influence young girls to take on golf as a new hobby and hopefully instill in them the love and passion I have for the sport. 

Golf also has an entrepreneur and philanthropic side to it and I have seen and experienced the power when you link women and golf for philanthropic and entrepreneurial causes. In my entire golf career I have had the pleasure to play many paid and non-profit pro ams run by women and I have learned the amount of possibilities that golf provided to such individuals. In my future, I want to become a role in the business golf world using the sport as a platform to not only unite people but to unite people with important causes as well.