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Freebies? Cash?

Would be lying if I say no. But this is like everything in life and how everyone of us think. We all want free stuff and we all want money. However, the life of an influencer is not as good and profitable as one thinks —permit my indiscretion of calling myself an influencer. And it is not always gift, freebies, discounts and cash. To get there you have to work for it. Forgive my redundancy, but like everything in life.

You find a lot of antagonists in this world because of jealousy. I know, I know, everyone hates that word. Jealous. It is a very hard one to admit. Guys can be jealous of girls and vice versa. It is not as ridiculous as you may think. It is actual a very natural emotion that everyone feels and is expected to feel several times in their lifetime. And the mere act of hiding and avoiding it; the more power jealousy has on us.

Why do I talk about jealousy?

When you are in the public eye, and you happen to have an abundance of people following you it means they find you interesting. (Not talking about me here, hold on one second). They might find you interesting because of A or B. There are cases where people even follow a certain person not even finding them interesting but at least entertaining. And that is the “beauty” of todays social media world. We crave content. We might find ourselves supporting people’s content creation despite not following their interest. Just for the mere act of distraction. We are so consumed by technology and cyber news that sometimes all we care about is virtual gossip. Regardless if it resonates with us or not.

Been there, done that. Not saying that I like it, but cant seem to shake it off me.

Anyways, it is a difficult world. There is a very fine line between real and fake, and you could be consumed by superficialism and shallowness. I brought up the jealousy fact because people can feel attacked in the light meaning of the word. They might feel like it is not fair for you to be doing nothing with your life and receive free products and cash for the art of nothing; whereas they might be killing themselves working day after day to be paid the minimum. That is true, and it sucks. But one thing I have learned over the years. I started my brand as a hobby. I started my blog in 2017 because I needed an outlet to let off some steam from the stress golf was bringing into my life. At first, I thought nothing serious about it. I actually thought I could easily be writing a blog per week. Then reality hit me and weekly blogs turned into monthly blogs. And those monthly blogs turned into more so like sporadic ones. Having a blog, working and making your brand grow, creating daily content it is hard and it is considered a job. I now must say that I give a lot of credits to the very successful and not so successful bloggers and to the micro and macro influencers. As a matter of fact I appreciate both, because the successful ones went through what we all go through in the beggining. You might think their life is easier now that they have reached a 3 digit abundance of followers. But the truth is that I believe their job becomes harder and harder. They are pushed to create double the content and be very selective about the work they accept to so (however, I strongly believe you should lay out this terms at the beginning of your career and be loyal to your values and interests), the aesthetic direction they chose to go with, the selection of partners , bla bla bla. In their defense, once you reach that level and you made your brand that profitable, you might be able to hire someone to help you, someone you can delegate the dirty work.

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For me, what started as a hobby turned out to be a challenge. Like in golf, I learned to understand that anything I do in my life, I am always going to strive for perfection. I might not consider myself a blogger or an influencer just yet, but I enjoy the challenge. I enjoy the adversity I face everyday. You might not even find the similarity with golf but I do. I find similarities everywhere in my life with golf. That is what I will always be super thankful for what the sport has given me. When I stop playing golf, I will encounter the same fears, the same anxiety, the same doubt and eagerness in anything I decide to do. With my blog, I find myself doubting whether people are actually reading what I have to say or not. Whether they agree with my point of view or not, and whether they enjoy my content or not. And this is something I feel becoming an influencer by chance and on something that I love but is not my job just yet.

The term influencer could be confusing and not well defined. It is a brand new ‘job’ and people are yet to feel identified with the term. I sometimes feel undermined by being called influencer, without trying to sound harsh. Because the word influencer could sometimes be related to fashion. And even though I am a girl, I love fashion and love to dress up to later receive compliments by all of you, I use my social media platforms in a more altruistic way. For me the term influencer should be apply for positively influence people to good things, good lifestyle, good products, good reads. In a way, I am using my voice to guide people towards what I believe it is good, healthy, pretty, smart, travel experiences or altruistic. And my opinion on the matter is always based on my own experiences. I enjoy creating content for you, because I enjoy for myself as well. I enjoying getting introduced to important campaigns and collaborations, meeting the marketing team of important brands and working together to inspire people to work together for a better cause.

The last issue to touch on is my status, and why I am being so active on social media and so inactive with golf. Even though I feel like I have been insanely repetitive, I understand not all of you read all the the blogs and IG posts, but at the moment I am taking a break from golf because I had a small relapse with my hip again. The physical aspect of the injury is not all when taking into consideration my wellbeing. Being emotionally and morally slapped in the face every time you decide to press the GO button sucks, and the best way I am dealing with it is by being surrounded by family and friends back at home, in Spain and Europe. Traveling a bit with my boyfriend and Taco on the Tennis Tour and creating content for you.

What is your take on so called Influencers? Who are some Influencers you like to follow? And for what reasons?