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Quitting plastic? How do you shift from having a fridge crowded with plastic to not produce waste?

My goal does not reach that far, and it is not my intention with this post. I am happy with becoming aware of the type of plastic I buy, the amount of plastic I buy and how well I recycle to be able to feel like I am contributing to the cause. 

I want to share with you guys not only the changes I have done in my routines to better adjust to a more sustainable lifestyle but also the products I have purchased to be able to qualify.

Note: One of the most important values I have learned about being sustainable is to recycle old belongings. It could be clothes, towels, plastic containers and/or kitchen utensils. Donate it or give it away to someone that needs it. At least you save them from purchasing brand new plastic products.

This wrapped-knit pieces are both sustainable for our planet.

This wrapped-knit pieces are both sustainable for our planet.

Hopefully, the way I was inspired by Laura and many other eco-friendly activist, maybe you can get inspired to incorporate any of these to your life. 


  • Reduce packaged foods: buy fruits and vegetables individually. This is easier done that what everyone thinks. For this to work, you will have to bring your own fabric bag to the grocery store and you have to make sure you don’t use the plastic bags available in the fruits and veggies section. The supermarket clerk doesn’t need to have the fruits in a plastic bag. They can weight them all together, each fruit and vegetable at a time. Then you put them in your fabric grocery bag.

  • Buying recycled items to avoid cresting more waste into the waste cycle. This is probably one of the most powerful tools we can all use to make a big impact. Because the plastic already produced is imposible to deplete, we can at least take a stance to avoid this maniac production of plastic in this world. Some examples are recycled plastic products or clothing. It is a win win situation because you are drastically changing your lifestyle but you are making use of the plastic already fabricated. Another good idea is to think before you shopped try to support the initiate of brands selling recycled items such as clothes, kitchenware, home decor, etc. A good example and probably my favorite is Adidas and they PARLEY line. [click here to see some of their stuff]

  • Eliminate groceries plastic bags and buying fabric bags that you will store in the trunk of your car. When buying grains at local supermarket, make sure to bring glass containers with you as well. Also I want to mention the need to buy recycled trash bags to dispose all you home trash. Which I haven’t been able to decrease like Laura did.  [click here for biodegradable trash bags]

  • Start using stainless steel bottle waters instead of buying plastic bottles. This is a must change, come one now. It is better for you because the water not only tastes better but if the bottle is insulated, you can control the temperature of your beverage for the entire day. In order to save up some money, my next bullet point is also crucial. [Here is the link for the Klean Kanteen insulated stainless steel water bottles]

  • Introduce water filters into your home: Having a water filter at home is probably the first advice I would give you. Not only you will guarantee fresh alkaline water, but you eliminate the purchase of plastic water bottles. I you want it cold, you can put the water from the filter into the water dispenser from the fridge. At least, that’s what I do. The water filter I use at home is from the Japanese brand Nikken. It was recommended by my nutritionist. [Link to Nikken water filter I have at home]

  • Food storage — replace plastic containers for glass containers: if you are aware, all the food storage containers we use at home are made out of plastic. The idea is to substitute those into glass containers, if they have a lid made out of bamboo even better. Here are some example of containers I bought at the beginning of the year that I love. Not only does it look better, but the food stores better in glass than in plastic and it also tastes better. [Link containers]

Last week, I found this wonderful brand called Stahser that helps you substitute zip lock bags for silicone ones. Check them out. 

  • Eliminate drinking out of straws on restaurant and bars. Hey! That can actually help you eliminate sodas? Who am I kidding right? But to tell you the truth, I cannot remember the last time I ever needed to use a straw to drink. It was so long ago that I honestly cannot remember. Which makes me realize, straws are totally dispensable. 

And please, please —Don’t ask for single use plastic utensils and cups when ordering to go meals! Avoid using plastic stirring sticks at coffee places and try to purchase a reusable coffee mug to bring up to your favorite Starbucks.

Anyways, I didn't mean to barge into your lives with this sermon about sustainability and how to reduce plastic pollution. I truly love talking about this. I am not perfect, I have lots to learn. But love believing I am doing my part. We all start somewhere right? Let me know what other tips and routines you do or even products you use that I can buy also and incorporate them into my life.



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