Despite being my PJs the most fascinating factor out of this photo, today I want to talk to you guys a bit more about the supplements I take to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a slim body.

Athletes that keep up with a consistent supplementation routine do it for performance levels but also for discipline. Being an elite athlete is very demanding and to be able to raise trophies you need a certain level of discipline not only on the field, courts, course but at the gym and at home or during vacations. 

Having discipline with your body is the first thing they teach your, or better to say, that you learn through experiences (aka injuries). Since and early age, you are learning to be conscious about what you eat, how you sleep, how you train, how you speak and also, how you supplement your body. 

For those supplement-skepticals, most of the time you have no control on the type of animal protein and veggies and fruits you are eating. You are not sure whether the meat is from organic grass-fed animals or if the veggies and fruits are being sustainably and/or pesticide-free produced and grown. Also, the soil where the food grows is nowadays depleted from most of the vital minerals needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These are some of the reasons  why I eat healthy but I also supplement my body the right way.

As a profesional golfer it is true that having a strong physique is not necessary to perform well. But once you learn how to establish a discipline as a young age with your sport, you start developing that discipline in all areas of your life. 

The first supplements I started taking were protein shakes after my work outs and women’s multivitamins. Later one, I was able to get in hands of specialists who guided me towards more specific supplements.

Now, nature vs synthetic could be considered a myth since natural supplements are still going through some levels of lab processes (dehydration). All the natural vitamins are dehydrated and processed to fit it into a capsule. But there are brands that honor sustainable and organic practices to hand you the most organic and clean nutritional value supplement. And those are the ones which I started doing by biggest research on.

Two and half years ago, thanks to my nutritionist and holistic doctor, I started reading a lot about this matter. And they recommended me a few brands that honored this type of practices. One of the them was Touchstone Essentials. I reached out to the them to test out their product and the partnership started off just perfect. Nowadays, I am very honored to be part of just an amazing team, where each member of the team works super hard not only to deliver the best product in the market but to make sure of a 100% customer satisfaction. 

It is impossible to have it all in this world, if you want quality you need to pay for it. And I understand there are so many different brands out there and super accesible to you and very cheap as well, but if you truly depend on your body for a sport, or even if you just want to look good for moral purposes, you need to be committed to a good brand, trust their process and spend some cash. As well as you have to over-pay to consume the organic fresh foods. 

My daily routines are:

  • Fasted: 

      • Zeolite: Before braskfast, at the table I have Luke-warm glass of water with squeeze lemon and 8 drops of Zeolite. I do this a few times a week. Zeolite its a mineral that grabs onto toxic minerals of your body and depletes your body 4-6 hours after releasing your body from radical toxic agents. 

  • Breakfast: 

      • D- Mannose: This was recommended by my urologist. It is used to prevent and treat urinary infections. Women are very prone to get these kind of infections, and gross as it may sounds. They are very common especially under stressful situations. It is a good prevention trick my urologist recommended me to use. 

      • L-Carnitine: I am struggling to eat enough meat and animal protein. And without being able to golf, I feel like my body needs some help to burn fatty acids. 

      • SuperGreen + D: Plant-based superfood rich with optimal levels of Vitamin D (which I need a lot now that I am not playing golf and I am not exposed to the sun). Almost all of Touchstone Essential vitamins are called superfood for a reason. This SuperGreen + D not only has optimal levels of natural Vitamin D but also 5 billion probiotics, enzyme and probiotics to support gut health; and since its main ingredients is Organic Agaricus Mushroom, you get also a goof load of natural energy with its Vitamin B.

      • Essentials: 26 certified organic fruits and veggies to give you the high-quality minerals and nutrients your body needs. It has an advanced Antioxidant Blend for anti-aging defense, brain and cardiovascular health and much more. 

  • After workouts:

      • Organic Super Protein: Plant-base organic protein with enzymes to help your digestive system and muscle protein synthesis after a good work out. I also use it to boost my protein intake during my day. 

  • At night:

      • Peptiva probiotics: Peptiva has a particular formula that combines probiotics and sleep ingredient agents such as valerian root extract and melatonin to help you ease your sleeping patterns. 

Hope you find this helpful. If interested, message me with any questions. In most cases, I work with brands to get a discount code or a trial voucher to get you guys either cheap product or testers. Also, brands like TouchStone Essential are 100% customer satisfaction, so if you buy products and are not convinced, they have a 30-day money back guaranteed! That is how much they trust their products and the beneficial components to your health. 

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