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There are people that love it, and people that hate it. My favorite is to add cilantro to salads and rice. And I started doing this way before I read this blog entry from TouchStone Essentials. Like I have said multiple times in my social media platforms, I enjoy the free blogs TouchStone Essential writes —sometimes even shared on a weekly basis! They are very easy to read and super interesting.

I started adding a lot of cilantro when I moved to Bogota. I cannot remember eating as much cilantro in Spain. And to be honest, I dont find many food choices in the US with cilantro. Do you guys use cilantro at all for your cooking?

But this blog subject definitely caught my attention, because I wasn’t aware cilantro had so many health benefits! Were you?

Here are 7 of the ways cilantro goes beyond the plate to provide significant health benefits:

  1. Helps remove heavy metals

  2. Supports Heart Health

  3. Balance Blood sugar levels

  4. May ease anxiety

  5. Could prevent Food poisoning

  6. Protect your brain

  7. Supports vision with Vitamin A

Make sure you read the full blog entry because they go a bit more in depth of its benefits, and how you could take advantge of its benefits without having to taste it!! Interested yet?