Hi there! I am back this week with a fun at-home workout program for those of you interested in getting glutes of steel! (Which should be EVERYONE).

I understand not everyone has the time to go to the gym, so I like to offer some examples of exercises that one could do at home. 

I love exercising my glutes, since they are so important for golf and to create power. But I never want to take for granted the importance of shoulder stabilization and scapula area strengthening. That is why I combined a lot of exercises on a front plank and side plank position. 

Ideally I will like to have 15-20 seconds between each exercise and 2 minutes between each set. 

I do 3-4 sets.

Let me know how it feels!!

Hola chicos/as, ya estoy de vuelta! Y esta semana quería enseñaros un programa super divertido de activación y fortalecimiento de glúteos que podéis hacer desde casa! 

Entiendo que a muchos les cuesta llegar hasta un gimnasio, entonces me gusta variar y ofreceros ideas de ejercicios que podéis hacer desde casa tambien.