Workout Program 1: KB glutes & upper back circuit

Kia Ora! Hi from Auckland, New Zealand! 

This week we are staying at the Pullman Hotel , it is super nicely located walking distance from the Viaduct Harbor. As an added bonus, the hotel has a great gym with outdoor facilities. 

I landed this morning at 6.30 am and of course the room wasn't ready ( I wasn't expecting anything different). I decided to go straight to the gym since I had more than 4 hours to kill. I did a great thought session today. 

I decided to film one of my circuits so that it serves as inspiration to you guys and you can put some of these exercises in use in your next gym visit. 

I love working my glutes, but I always like to create different functional exercises to strengthen them. Here I chose to pare it with some upper back and rotational exercises ideal for golf. 
For this circuit (and all the other circuits) it is very important to respect the resting period so that you can recover muscle energy for the next cycle.


1. KB swings 12 reps
2. KB bent over one arm row to goblet squat 12 reps each side. This is without rest. 
3. KB bent over row with rotation 12 reps
4. Reverse lunge with medal rotation 12 reps 

We are resting 2 minutes after each cycle and we are doing 4 sets.

Get on it!


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