WEEK 2: PRESEASON TRAINING - Increment of weights and benefits for golf.


Here it comes WEEK 2

During this week I went up on weights and gained a lot of strength and stability on golf swing. 






Hi guys, I am back! New Year , new resolutions right? Well, I am still as slacker as the year before! But I cannot blame myself, my life is hectic as it his, so until I delegate the job to someone to help me out with my website, you might need to bear with me on the uploading and editing of videos and blogs. So you know, keep spreading the love until I can hear loud and clear, that will give me tons of motivation to work harder on TIME-MANAGMENT!

This is week 2 guys, where I started to go up in weights more notoriously and noticed significant strength improvement compared to week before. The week previous was more a touch base and preparation leading to this and upcoming week. We worked really hard on not to overdo it, and to listen to my body when needed. We had rest days and days where all we did was cardio and mobility/injury prevention exercises, but his week was more heavy weights and lots of reps. 

The intention of this whole preseason training is to build a strong base and improve on my cardiovascular system. You guys have to be aware that we were training at almost 9,000 feet altitude, yo the first week needed to be mild. Otherwise my engine would have bursted in day 2.

On my second week I felt strong. I felt in control when squatting. I was never aware I could squat that heavy and easily. Jayson says that I will be going up on weights sooner that I expect because my form is close to flawless. This is a surprise to me because I have always been super tight on my hips and ankles, and so squatting didn't come natural to me. But with all the active mobility and rotation/stretching work we have been doing, and all the hands on release massages and active recuperation, the improvement is clearly shown. 

I cannot express how good I felt not only physically but in my golf stance and during my golf swing. After this 3 weeks of only workouts and physical strength, I picked up a golf club and it felt like I never left it to dust! 

My shoulders are responding amazing to the exercises and my lower body is moving fast! BINGO! Just want we needed and wanted to increase power (aka swing speed) on those Drivers!

So I want to respond to the question I get asked a lot (that thought I had addressed multiple times) - Why do I work so hard on my shoulder strengthening and stabilization? I had left shoulder surgery when I was in college in July 2009. Both of my shoulders are ´loose shoulders´ but because of the golf swing and the constant repetition of my swing action, caused a almost chronic tendinitis on my left shoulder. Surgery took me down for 8 complete months, pretty long if you ask me. After that I have been very insistent about my shoulder rehab and maintenance. However, during this past 2 years of merely downs in my golf career, I differed the focus into more golf, rather than my work at the gym. At the end of this year I was battling some issue with my shoulder again, I felt how it was moving around too much in the socket, so I knew I needed to spend a lot of time strengthening the area surrounding my shoulder. 

And now I feel great, swing feels smooth and I am ready to go. 

Do you guys have any particular question about week 2 session? What are the muscles you train or you think you must train at the gym to gain power and swing speed? Will this video give you some motivation and inspiration for your next gym session? Share the love my friends! We are all in this together!

Pues aqui os presento la segunda parte de el vlog de mi preparación física durante la pretemporada en Bogota. Importante que sepáis que estas tres semanas de duro entrenamiento físico fueron a mas de 2,600 metros de altura. Así que esa es una de la razones por qué la primera semana fuimos mas suave que la segunda. Si no lo hubiera hecho así, hubiera petado en el segundo día!

Esta segunda semana me fue demasiado bien. Era una semana dura, donde íbamos a subir pesos y repeticiones drásticamente. Eso conllevo a sentirme mucho mas fuerte instantáneamente. Adolorida si, pero como un roble macho! Que buena sensación! Y lo mejor para todas aquellas mujeres con miedo a ponerse machoman, no es el caso. Me sentía como un roble, pero manteniendo la figura atlética que todas deseamos. Así que venga animaros a las pesas, aunque por el amor de Dios, siempre con supervisión de un experto en el tema, por que la técnica es lo MÁS importante para evitar lesiones. 

No sabéis lo bien que me hizo sentir esa segunda semana. Me preparó físicamente tan bien, que cuando fui a coger el palo de golf después de tres semanas, parecía como si nunca lo hubiera dejado que cogiera polvo! Aparte de llegarle a los entrenos con muchas ganas, llegué a mis primeros días de practica con mucha forma y estabilidad en el swing!

Como podeis ver hicimos mucho trabajo en el tren superior, casi siempre repitiendo los mismo ejercicios con la intención de coger una base fuerte de glúteos e isquiotibiales. Trabajamos a la vez la zona lumbar y el core mucho. Y cómo no, el tren superior, enfocándonos en los hombros, y los músculos alrededor de la escápula. 

Tenéis alguna duda o pregunta acerca de los ejercicios? Que ejercicios soléis hacer para incrementar potencia y velocidad de swing? Os va a servir este video para inspiración y motivaciones para vuestra próxima sesión en el gimnasio? Ya me contaréis! Besitos